3 Ways on Becoming An IT Consultant

IT consultants provide consultation services and support regarding different computer software. The computer software may include database systems, multimedia, and networks for individuals and companies. You should be ready to travel and do overtime work if you want to be an IT consultant. The following are ways of becoming an IT consultant.

1.      Get a Bachelor’s Degree

You need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or any other related field. IT consultant positions require knowledge in programming, networking, database management, systems architecture, and information security. IT and computer science programs equip students with essential knowledge regarding web development, data structures, software engineering, and project management. This knowledge helps the student to understand how different computer systems work. You need a GED or high school diploma for you to enroll for a bachelor’s degree related to IT consultancy. This is the first step of becoming an IT consultant.

2.      Gain Work Experience

IT consultant jobs require you to have experience for several years, depending on the position. For instance, an entry-level IT position requires you to have skills and knowledge to support, train, and provide consultation services. Majority of the positions need you to do installations, update computer software, and also manage network and hardware systems. IT consultant jobs require you to travel to the client’s location. For example, you can’t install software to a company’s system from your office. Therefore, you should be ready to work in different environments.

3.      Be Certified

Employers need you to provide professional certification before they hire you. Note that professional certification is not required for most entry-level jobs. IT certifications can help you stand out from the batch of applicants whom you are competing with. These certifications include Microsoft Certified IT Specialists (MCITS), Microsoft Office User Specialist, among others. You have to sign up for voluntary programs and do a written exam at the end of the training. The certifications are available for different work levels depending on education and work experience. Ensure that you prepare and pass the written exam.

Getting a degree, gaining experience, and being certified are the primary steps of building a career in IT consultancy.